2 Level – only for couples or people who are ready to work together
8 Wednesday course [from 19.00 till 22.00]

Every second Wednesday from 5.2.14 – 14.5.14
In Mirror Centre at Ter Gouwstraat 3 Amsterdam
45 Euro for single workshop and only 270 for whole course

We have few students who continue in to the second level but we would also like to give a chance for those new in our school, who are dedicated and would like jump in to the second level. What we require from them is: being in a couple ( at least for the time of the workshop ) openness, willingness to learn and experience and catching up by participation in other workshops if needed. To keep the energy on our workshops first we would like to meet both of You at one of our first level workshops, what have places in Fridays.

Like after the first Level we honour the people who finished by giving them certificate what allow You to continue further education.

Especially for this one amount of the places is very limited so book Your place quick -> mgriks@gmail.com

Love and Light

Michal Marek Griks

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