Hello lovely people. 
Tomorrow we are leaving for a tour to find a home where we could not only find a roof above our heads but also the place where we could realize our potentials. We are tantra teachers and we would like at this tour through different communities find experience, connections and who knows maybe a place where we could realize our dreams. 
This could be great opportunity for you to organize the workshops by us for your community or even for wider public. If we would have profit we are willing to share to already support the community. Of course our workshop would be beneficial for connection,energy flow etc.
But also without the workshop If you could give us directions we would love to visit you, your friends, get to know each other and see how we could support each others.We are starting from frankfurt in to direction of Pyrnees,then south of Spain. We don’t have presise map yet so if you could give us some tips of places this would be very handy. 
Thanks and hopefully see you soon 
Michal Marek Griks and Roxana Cioaza


Private sessions for singles and couples.

Me, Michal, I can meet you alone or with your partner on private, individual sessions and workshops… We can spend time together with total attention for you (and your partner). I will use this time to heal, to purify the subconsciousness, to expand the consciousness, to make your experience more bliss, joy, pleasure and love in your life – all of that on material, energetic, and spiritual level.

What can you expect at the session?

I share my personal and individual experience. While I respect my and your boundaries, I´m also keeping in mind that real progress begins outside of the comfort zone. That’s why I will systematically encourage you to leave secure limitations and meet the adventures of your life. But at the same time, I will also encourage you to establish clear boundaries and say “no” when you feel that way at that moment. When you’re not ready to change, I will work on that readiness

Suggestions for couples:
Developing intimacy in relationships
Exploring the synergy effect in meditation and in the transformation of sexual energy
Roles and projections in relation (for example, father-daughter, son-mother ) and transforming them beyond the personal level
Freedom from the coercion of the ejaculatory

For singles :

How to become a great lover
The release of subconscious patterns what are conditioning while you search the Partner
Expanding and cultivating sexual energy
Energy balance on all levels
Tasks and goals in life – How to follow its own path of life.

The price is 70 Euro per hour.

I use methods such as :
Tantric and Taoist techniques for transformation
Games, fun, dance and movement
Visualisations, meditations and relaxations
Prayers and affirmations
Massage and healing touch
Open communication

Michal Kali Griks – Tantrik, Kundalini yoga teacher

Private workshops for your relationship

It is also possible for me to come to your home for an intensive 2 days tantric workshop. This our proposal is addressed to couples who:
– just get to know each other
– they want to develop an intimate relationship
– they would like to open up to the needs of the partner.
– They want to dissolve the barriers,

– who are looking for a way to heal themselves but also looking for understanding and harmony in the warm arms of the lover
– for long time relationships, who would like again awake the senses, who would like to bring new energy and inspiration to their life
– who want to recognise the transcendent nature of the partner relationship
– who want to progress together,
– who would like to develop the energy of partnership
– who would like to achieve cosmic union
– who would share the essence of love with the world?

It’s possible to give the workshops also in your places, where you may feel home and I may also work on the energy of the space.  Contact me by phone or email to discuss the details.

I always work with an individual approach to your needs and to the particularity of the situation and energy. Feel free to check my other activities, what I do and suggest me including them in your private session

Don’t hesitate to ask the questions mgriks@gmail.com ,


Why I’m writing this book ?
Out of love to myself, to others, animals, nature etc… We are living in the times of big changes. Times what require from us big transformations. From one side many crisis’s: ecological, economical, social, mental, in relationships… etc.
Especially during the last century man kind brought the planet and the humanity in to the edge that we are starting to ask ourselves: “Would our children have a future ?” Doe to our ignorance and destruction would we witness the biggest extinction of life in all its forms ? Is it happening already ?
Misleading in the mass media are turning us in to unaware blind consumers, disconnected even from our own nature. Hardly anyone may see what is actually happening. We need most efficient solutions to bring the humanity back to love and back to nature.
Tantra as path of transformation may help us to change those challenges in to the opportunity to grow. It can make us rising up in love instead falling down in to addictions, what very often we are even not aware about.
When I walk over amazing beautiful Transylvania mountains, full of forests and wild nature . When I snorkel in Maldivian Coral reefs full of colors, full of so diverse, so beautiful and so many fishes. When I sit here, under coconut palms in the nature,   observing wild life and when I’m writing it, do I want it to end it ? When I have great conversations with my daughter, proud of her, feeling happy from how wonderful she is. Do I want to, that one day it would be over ? When I go deeper in to the love making with my beloved, when again we are discovering new ways of blissings – do I want that this would be finished by some atomic bomb, tsunami, earth shake or any other catastrophic scenario prepared by unconscious way of living in our modern times ? No I don’t. Nobody does.
I love my life. I love my family, people, animals, nature. I feel they’re part of my life,  maybe even part of me.
It feels good to take care for them, love them truly, stay connected etc…
For me, for them, for everyone and everything I feel that each of us could use their full potential to do everything what the situation is requiring us to do. Here and now, for better future, for all of us. For conscious world full of unconditional love, sacred sexuality and respect for mother nature.
Since I’m 14 years old ( maybe earlier ) I’m activist on all different ways and directions . I experience tantra since more than 9 years already. About 4 years ago I started to teach. I did it because I experienced one of the biggest transformation in my life and I though that everyone should be able to have a chance to achieve it either.
I was addicted from sex. Like with all addictions, you need stronger and stronger stimulation ( dose ) to get the same effect. There is no end on the path down. I started to do things against my own ethics. I was dishonest to myself , my wife and others.
I was falling deeper in to desires, unsatisfactions, frustrations, filling guilt and shame about things I did but was unable to stop them. I was driven by sex.
I was blessed to experience tantra on my way of life. Thankful to my beloved ex, who introduced me to that I started step by step healing my self. As someone said: “Sex could be your way to hell or to heaven. You choose. ” In the moment I meet tantra I got choice but so many, majority of people, they don’t even know that they may have a choice.

[ Quote leaflet: http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/2014/01/tantra-movement-theory-leaflet.html ]
    “…Love is the most important experience in life for all of us. Unfortunately there lacks knowledge about the steps that one can take to amplify the love experience. The painful paradox is that while there are many other disciplines that one may learn while at school, this type of knowledge does not have a place in the conventional education system. One is rather fortunate if they have experienced unconditional love from their parents. To fill this gap we wrote these words, we shall read them, and that’s why I teach in Tantra Movement School… “

During my tantric practice I meet a lot of sexually abused people. During their healing i felt their pain and I was happy to support them. In the times that watching porn is easier than ever before, in the next generations, abuse rate, disrespect ( especially but not only ) towards women may increase like never before. That’s why promoting lovely and healthy approach to sexuality is very crucial in those times. That’s why healing aspect of tantra would be more and more important. There is many books about tantra but no one about teaching. There are more and more tantric teachers everywhere. We need them like never before. This book I hope will support this process and in the future would become example of sharing and a kind of platform where also others would share their experiences.  To be continued…

If your English is better than my and you wanna help with correction I ( and others ) would be very happy about it.
You may already support project financially, what would help me to find more time for it.
NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank

Michal Marek Griks

Omadhoo Maldives

We postponed this retreat to another time

Don’t hesitate to ask the questions mgriks@gmail.com

[ Nederlandse vertaling van de cursus: http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/2015/04/course-for-all.html ]
[ Traducere română: http://tantraromania.blogspot.nl/2015/09/curs-initiere-tantra-lasi-23-25.html  ]
[Czesciowe polskie tlumaczenie kursu: http://tantrapolska.blogspot.nl/2015/11/tantryczny-retreat-na-litwie-1-modu-1_8.html]
[Dalinis Lietuvių vertimas: http://tantralietuva.blogspot.lt/2015/11/tantrinio-mokymo-1-lygio-kursas-1.html]

9 Days Tantra Retreat in Maldivian nature.

School Of Tantra introduces You to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It is the way of deep experience, abandoning all concepts, exchange of energy and entering intimate relation not only with yourself. It is expanding you to the deepest and the highest levels of love and ecstasy through working on all dimensions possible to You…
Couple only 1699USD, Single 1030USD
Early bird till 24 January : Couple 1499USD, Single 830USD
You could transfer the amount to Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank.
Package Include:
Transfer & Return from Male’ to Guest house
9 Nights Accommodations
3 vegan meals daily
water, juice and coffee available
All taxes included

Kuri Inn Omadhoo, Maldives

from 28th January to 5th February

This Course as a whole is created to help you go deep in to your inner ecstasy, bliss and healing. Are you ready for the biggest change in your life? Go for an intensive transformation of sexuality and love to the higher levels in one of the most beautiful place in the world.

Here is a list of the workshops that would be included in the course. Whole course would contain 14 workshops which each would have different subjects and would take around 3,5 hours. The choice would depend on the needs and energy of the group.
Finishing whole course could be honored by receiving the certificate of finishing first level in School Of Tantra Movement

Subjects of the course:
A more detailed description of these workshops is below:

1. Taste of Tantra. Introduction to the practise. (open evening )

2. Connection3. Expanding the consciousness. Being here and now.
4. Love yourself – recognising your inner lover

Theory about practise. Tips for improving your relationship with yourself, with your partner, with others, with animals, the whole of nature and the entire universe. (open evening )
6. Sacred energy – worshipping your holy body, recognising your wild soul
7. Male and female energy

8. Sacred Sexuality

9. Dance with tantra
10. Communication of Love.
(open evening )11. Preparing for awakening the Kundalini energy
12. Journey to Awaken the Senses ceremony
13. Secrets of tantric touch. Introduction to tantric massage
14. Closing and sharing of the whole course
There would be breaks in the program for going in to the nature or watching some interesting tantric movies
Time schedule of the days:
10.00 – 11.00
Time schedule of the days:
7.30 – 8.30
Chakra breathing by Roxana Rainbow Cioaza, Tantra Kriya yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Osho active meditation
8.30 – 9.30 Breakfast
10.00 – 13.00 workshop
13.30 – 15.30 Lunch break
15.30 – 19.00 workshop
19.30 – Evening meal and sharing of the day

You may check updates and invite your friends also here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1674811532795470/

[ Just after this retreat we continue  with 9 days Tantra Massage course what you may read about here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/762923203840898/

A more detailed description of these workshops:

Ad 1: “Taste of Tantra” – Introduction to practise

In this introductory workshop we give small examples of simple safe exercises which you can continue practising later with your partner or on your own. Anyone following the instructions from this introduction may rapidly and dramatically improve her/his life. We let you have a taste of what tantra is, and what we teach as a whole course at the School of Tantra Movement.
 A little bit of everything:

– Theory; what tantra means to us and our practical use of it

- sexual meditation

- recognising and training the PC muscle

– open communication

– recognising your Inner Man and Inner Woman

- Awakening the senses meditation

- Breathing together in Shiva Shakti position

Ad 2: Connection

Nowadays, in modern times thankful technology we could contact each other even when we are thousands kilometres away. In the cities we are living so close to each other. Communication was never so fast. But still we are alienated like never before in human history. We never felt so lonely like now. Did we lost something on the way ?
This workshop is
to connect beyond capacity of mobile phones,
to build Friendship with big “F”, deeper than making hundreds friends on facebook,
to feel Love with big “L” deeper than sending <3 through internet
to connect with real
nature beyond the discovery channel
To found what we lost, to find our deep nature, to connect with ourselves and other participants maybe deeper that you ever did even with your friends, with your family.
Tantra gives us tools to connect with all parts of you, connect with yourself, then connect with your partner, group, family, other people, animals, nature and whole universe. Beautiful slogan “We are one!” tantra is transforming from believe in to real experience. If you allow yourself to feel it, you would never be the same. You would never love in the same way.
That’s why we choose this workshop in the beginning.

Ad 3: Expanding Consciousness.

We invite you to create space for expanding consciousness.

You will discover:

What consciousness is, and how to get ready to open yourself for full consciousness.
How to dissolve blockages in a conscious way and open yourself to a flow of love energy.
How in daily life we can develop and cultivate our inner consciousness.

Expanding consciousness is one of the main purposes of tantra. In this workshop we are going to awake, discover, explore and expand consciousness of here and now, consciousness of female and male energy, consciousness of the witness, consciousness of energy… This workshop may open your eyes, heart and mind in a way that you will never be the same again.

Ad 4: Love Yourself!

Loving ourselves is the foundation of real love, when we love ourselves we can truly love others. When we feel good about our self we will have the self-esteem needed to act in love towards another being. To truly love ourselves may increase the chance of amplifying the love shared
with our partners, family, animals, nature, the planet and the universe.

It has nothing to do with selfishness but rather with expanding love in a healthy way…

Ad 5: Theory about practise. Tips for improving relationship with yourself, with your partner, with others, with animals, the whole of nature and the entire universe.

This is more of a lecture than a workshop. If you’re new to tantra and would you like to find out more, to feel and see what is there for you, this would be good for you to participate in. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers

Ad 6: Sacred energy. – worshipping your holy body, recognising your wild soul

Together we create at the workshops a safe space in which we can experience transformational processes. Remember, however, that real change happens outside the comfort zone. We work in a group, in pairs and individually. This day we will focus on the flow of energy through the body, how we experience it and how to inspire and cultivate that.

What is blocking us and how can we be consciously permeable to those blocking energies?

The tantric path opens us to experience our own, our partner’s and group’s deep energy levels. With thankful Tantric and sexual Tao techniques, we become aware of subtle energies which link the apparent opposites: spirit and matter, sexuality and spirituality, light and darkness, consciousness and unconscious, masculinity and femininity.

By using the keys to the door of connections, to regain our inner strength, we are giving right direction to the flow of energy.

Ad 7: Male and Female energy

Nowadays not so many people are aware that within each of us exists male and female energy. It doesn’t matter what sex we are, the balance of those energies determines our health, our contentment, our happiness and fulfilment in our relationships.
 In this workshop we meet the inner woman and man within us, and recognise their energies. We will hear from them how is to live with us, what are their needs, their concerns. How we can improve their (our) life…

We will get to know the differences between male and female bodies and learn how to approach them in a way that allows beautiful sexual energy of love to flow freely, not be forced or imposed on someone or be blocked by some wrong behaviour.

Ad 8: Sacred Sexuality

In this workshop we will go on a journey to the past to heal our memories mainly connected to our sexuality. We live in a society where very often sex is considered as something bad, dirty, that develops guilt and shame in us. We’re going to heal our wounds with the intention to bring sacredness and pride to not only the genital parts of our bodies but to the whole concept of sex in our life. We’re going to free ourselves from stereotypes what are stopping our love.

According to tantra, human sexuality is located in the centre of spirituality. Over the millennia, it was pushed only to have the role of procreating. The wider truth was available only to a few.
At the present time the consciousness of humanity is mature enough that the truth of the sacred sexuality is revealed to all.
The consciousness of humanity at the present moment goes beyond the circle of material activities and experiences. It rises together with the energy of the Earth. Old Masters are now revealing ancient mysteries that were previously available only for the elites.
Using those secrets could be the solution for all sort of crisis that humanity and individuals are facing today.
 On the other hand, we have at the present time wide availability of pornography, which massively distorts the image of human sexuality. On a large scale, we are bombarded with sexuality stripped of beauty, holiness , power, and intimacy….

At the workshop you will have the chance to deeply answer to yourself questions such as:
how sacred sexuality is different from regular sexuality?
 How can I have access to sacred sexuality in my life?
 In what way, based on sacred sexuality, I can shape reactions with myself , with a partner, with other people, with nature and the whole universe?

These and other questions will not get ready answers , but in a series of our workshops we offer the opportunity to experience the methods which can help you to expand your consciousness in the field of sacred sexuality. 

In this workshop we will focus on the dissolution of the concepts and blockages that accumulate around the topic of sexuality.
We will recognise patterns which we adopted from family, school, society, Hollywood movies, etc. To recognise the sacred sexuality, we will unfold the veil of ignorance.
 To achieve that we will use: 
 touch, massage, 
 and communication. 

You may establish an intimate relationship with yourself .
You may enrich and raise to a higher level the relationship with your partner. 
You may attract into your life the partner/lover of your dreams.
You may heal the wounds from your sexual life and those passed to you from generation to generation.

Ad 9: Dance with Tantra

Like all my invitations, you may already learn and experience something very useful from them. But only when you read it with your heart and follow with your body… only when you use it, not lose it 🙂

There are a few passions in my life. One of course is tantra, so being love, making love, giving and receiving love. The other passion is dancing, which is very connected to tantra. Like making love, massage (my other passion ) and dancing are best if I let my mind go. This is not a time for thinking; it is time for feeling. To fall into dance, to follow the sound or even become a sound, to unite with the music. Being tuned like an instrument, fully harmonised with the music. Here and now. Letting go all your thoughts. When we are able to be in that state there is more space for our heart, for our body. Then it is easier to make the connection. Deepening into ourselves… into others.

This is my journey that I would like to share at this workshop with you.
To get more connected we will use some tantric methods like shaking off stress, dancing with blindfolds, different music and movements activating different glands, hormones and different chakras. We will use various touches and approaches. We will awake ecstatic dance in you 🙂

Ad 10:
Communication of Love.


Do you know the tantric way of communicating? Do you know your and your partner’s ‘love language’? Do you know that when bodies are talking to each other they can easier find solutions, even in the areas of our life where there weren’t any? Do you know body intelligence? Do you use it ? Do you know that we often ‘talk’ via emotions? Do you know that we often do not understand each other because we talk in different love languages and we’re not even aware of it ?
Can you imagine how much you could improve your life and your relationship if you knew the answers to these questions?
In this workshop we will explore the answers to those and other questions. We will do exercises in tantric and body communication. We will do things to find out what your and your partner’s love languages are, and then exercise using them.
Your life could become more understandable than ever before!

As always, just a few things that everyone should learn but unfortunately very few do :/

Ad 11: Preparing for Awakening Kundalini energy.

Kundalini Energy, serpent power, is the strongest energy available to experience by the human body. In some cultures, awakening the Kundalini energy is recognised as enlightenment, a blessing, the goal of life, and biggest liberation…
Suddenly all your senses are 1000% awake. You may see, feel, experience things what you were never before aware of. Your ecstasy may shift to another, higher level. Intensity of life at that state may increase to the point that it may scare you.
 Be prepared. Be aware. Observe and accept…. or even better – permit yourself to be. To be who you really are. Recognise the god/goddess within – feel it and become one. Life will never be the same. You’re not alone.

Ad 12: Journey to Awaken the Senses.

Listen to the quiet whispers of your own body.

When we fully experience our senses, we enter into the heart, into love with existence. And instead of thinking about and analysing the world, we love it, we feel it, we become a part of it. We experience the bliss, ecstasy and deep fulfilment that can come to us through our senses.

To practise this, we do a ritual that awakens each sense in turn and allow ourselves to absorb this bliss in our hearts. This is a totally yummy, delicious and deep meditation that touches the body, heart and soul. For anyone who wants to expand the experience of their senses or use the body as a gateway to the self. Done to each other it is a great way to connect and feel gratitude and more love and sympathy for your partner. It awakens the child in us, a child who is playing the adult games of love…

Ad 13: “Magic of Tantric Massage” Introduction to tantric massage

This workshop is composed in such a way that you can learn and feel what sacred touch is, so that you can allow healing energy of love into your body and life.

Mastering the art of giving and receiving tantric massage is opening us on many levels:

– It helps to recover energy

- Teaches us sacred touch

- Raise awareness of the body

– Is an Introduction to tantric sex

- Develops our potential for love.

It is not possible to mention all the benefits of tantric massage but first of all it is an experience of deep inner joy, bliss, cleansing, peace and ecstasy. It is the experience of being whole. We will mainly focus on the feelings in the body and not only on the techniques . First of all, we want to ensure that participants will experience touch, that they open up for receiving and giving on the body level, that they open up for feeling the pleasure of being a giver and receiver of a massage.

We want to go deep into the levels of feeling pleasure, bliss, and flow of the love energy. We want to free all the tension from our bodies, let them go away to make more space in the body, to make in the place of the blockages space for the flow of life energy.

Ad 14: Closing and sharing of the whole course

About us – Michal Marek Griks and Roxana Rainbow Cioaza

Michal Marek Griks

I´m a Kundalini Yoga teacher, tantric masseur and teacher, and a relationship and life coach. I began my Tantric journey over eight years ago and continue to study at the Rasayana Tantra Academy. Tantra has become a way of life for me and three years ago I began sharing my knowledge and journey as a teacher of Tantra. While Tantra has several paths, I recognized that sexuality is the most effective way for me to improve:

my self esteem,
my physical
and mental health,
my intimate relationship,
my love ( also to myself ),
my energy and all other aspects of life…
For me, sexuality is the most beautiful, intimate, and powerful expression of love. When I recognized how important this is in my life, I asked “If love is the most important need in the majority of humanity, why is there no place for the energy of love and sexuality in peoples education?” So, I hope that in establishing Tantra Movement School I can help fill this great need. In my life I experienced sex as way to hell but have been very fortunate to also experience it as way to heaven. Now I´m bringing sexuality out of guilt and shame to it´s rightful place sacredness and honor.
I´m a tantric, who’s destiny is to share tantra and love.

As tantra movement page is more to promote the events, to avoid to much information here, I also have blog where I share much more: http://aktywnatantra.blogspot.nl/

Michal Marek Griks

Roxana Cioaza
Coach and Tantra Assistant and Masseur
During my studies and my work I have gained experience in the field of efficient communication and working skills and also intercultural communication. It is a beautiful challenge to continuously connect to beautiful inspiring people and communities. I am glad to share my perspectives for a better world and I am so grateful for the opportunity of being part of the Tantra Movement Community.
The experience as a Tantra Assistant improved my inner balance, energy and constantly enriching my perspective upon life. I am honored to be part of Tantra Movement and my intention is to share beautiful insights about the miracle of human beings, about the world and inner world. My other intentions are to create beautiful experiences and inspire people to connect to their own deepest truth, to their mature and responsible freedom and wealth.
Thank you,

E. Roxana Cioaza

mobil: 0751 096 638


Here we are. 2016. On the way with some directions, not wanting to go back but ready to risk the steps towards our dreams, towards the community where we could not only find roof above our head but also support in realizing our potentials.

One way or another. There are many options. Maybe we will find community what would host us ( better any than no one ) or maybe we will have to create our own.

Let's start explaining the second option then the first may come on the way…

So this would be an extension to our "business plan" what we started already few posts before.

We realized that here, in the tropics are great circumstances to create
sustainable center community where people could:
where we could share tantra
where others could share for example yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other spiritual, energetic body work.

Where people could share the wisdom about alternative solutions like eco houses ( a bit about in previous note about "business plan" ) solar panels, pharmaculture, vegan, raw food, alternative ways of living and sharing etc…etc..

where there is friendly atmosphere for kids

where people could create friendly cultural and social live…

where we live together in support towards each other

etc. etc…

After we created our page we got not only many likes but also some people contacted us to tell us that they also share our vision and they  dream to live in such community too. If you one of them please contact us and we could see what each of us may do to move forward in to realizing our dreams. Together we are stronger. Together we can do much more and together is of course more fun 🙂

Up till now we realized that in the tropics are beneficial circumstances.

The weather is great, the nature amazing, the prices low, people usually friendly…

Whatever workshops or activities you will do, there are always people who will be willing to pay some extra for combining it with their holidays. Most of people attracted to tantra, yoga etc. would love to support places what we like to create.
In the mean time I feel it is good also to be open for locals to support them with our wisdom in exchange for their work, hospitality and kindness.

Steps for know:

Connecting the people, resources, services, wisdom what would join or support our vision

Brain storming the ideas about the ways how we could move forward

Start to collecting the money what we need

Spreading the words

Please help us by joining us or at least share, forward or publish this message.

You may already support us financially ( then you may also claim it back when we will give the workshops in our place )
 NL92TRIO0390212989 in Triodos ethical bank or


Michal Marek Griks and  Roxana Rainbow Cioaza