School Of Tantra introduces you to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It is the way of deep experience, abandoning all concepts, exchange of energy and entering intimate relation not only with yourself. By working on all dimensions possible to you is expanding you to the deepest and the highest levels of love, spirituality and ecstasy. In order to full fill your potential, we always support you in your decisions, whatever you like to go slowly and safe or maybe fast and intense. Its always your choice.

The main vision of School Of Tantra Movement is spreading the love. It is most
important thing in our life and the biggest power in changing the world in to a better
place. For us Sacred Sexuality is most close, most intimate and most beautiful expression of love. Almost no one is teaching us about those important things. This gap in human education would like to feel Tantra Movement School

On our workshops we mainly work through experience, so don’t worry if your mother tongue is different than our. You don’t have to do anything what you’re not ready for but is good that you come with attitude of openness for positive change in your life. It could manifest through healing, liberation, finding new ways of expressing unconditional Love etc… depends from your intentions and path to go… Whatever it is we guide you and support you on the way.

From monday 8th february till (with) monday 15 february everyday

We invite you for the workshops on different aspects of tantra from our first level course
This Course as a whole is created to help you go deep in to your inner ecstasy, bliss and healing. Are you ready for the biggest change in your life? Go for an intensive transformation of sexuality and love to the higher levels.

Time :Everyday  from 15.00 – 18.00

Place: Badulina community, Rainbow Tarras,El Morreon, Orgiva, Andalucia, Spain

Price : Suggested free donation is 10 E per workshop, what means that you may pay less or more, however you feel. We also accept help in exchange of energy flow. We never want that the money would be a barrier instead of the  solution, so you’re always welcome <3

This event is spontaneously created while we are searching for community where we could realize our potential, support each other and grow together. We feel that we found something. Now we are checking out and making connections what would help us to be here 🙂 Spread, invite your frinds who may benefit from our staying here because now we are here only one week longer. Here is the fb event, where you may check updates and invite your friends.
Take with you yoga mat or/and something to sit on if you can.

Love and light

Michal Kali Griks and Roxana Rainbow Cioaza

Here it is:

Tantra, my experience

Tantra, what is it?!  For many people it seems to refer to some kind of sexual activity that they do not understand but nonetheless are sceptical about or see as being on the fringe.  When I started talking about exploring tantra people were generally in three camps, they humoured me but I could tell that they thought that I had finally gone too far towards the dark side; they had no idea what it was; or they thought that I was braver than most and they looked with some anticipation at what I might discover.

I became interested in tantra because a friend encouraged me to do so.  She was already involved and she suggested that it could help with my shyness and general discomfort with anything sexual. I did not embrace the idea easily and I jokingly said that it had been a bold sexual move for me when I went from briefs to boxer shorts so it was unlikely that I could embrace tantra.  But she persisted and recommended a book. To my surprise tantra was less about sex and more about a way of embracing life that was not all that dissimilar from the Isha System that I had been following for a number of years.  The personal interspection and development that the Isha System facilitated had, among other things, resulted in me experiencing a renewed interest in sex and with it old frustrations and fear.  The Isha System had given me the tools and confidence to embrace life in a way that I could have only imagined a few years before, but it had fallen short when it came to helping me move beyond my sexual inhibitions and perceived sexual problems.

As with everything it is one thing to intellectually understand something and yet another to exponentially integrate it into our lives.  I was assured by many women that impotence need not be a detriment to having an active sex life but certainly that was not my experience. I also was very self conscious of my body, to the extent that when I vacationed in Hawaii a few years ago I refused to swim in the ocean. Add to this an overwhelming resistance to exploring sexual information and for me it was the perfect storm.

Was tantra the solution and what could it do for me.  I hoped that it could provide an experience that would replace my previous negative encounters related to sexuality.  This hope was based on what I had read about tantra and how it embraces all expects of our human experience without judgement.  It also teaches techniques to integrate sexual energy in a holistic way instead of concentrating on a genital centric, limited orgasmic experience.  I learnt that women are not objects to be conquered or used but rather beautiful beings to be respected, admired and cherished. I experienced giving and receiving without any expectation of personal gratification. I experienced being naked and not being self conscious or sexualizing the encounter. I released old negative energy that had held me captive for a lifetime with the result that I am now able to embrace sexuality without the fear that I had related to coitus. Coitus was not part of my tantric experience but the training environment provided a safe place where I could heal my family history related to sexuality. I am now able to inform myself in matters of physical intimacy and sexuality without the old inhibitions.  The tantra workshops that I attended gave me more than I had hoped for, they gave me freedom and a complete release from the distorted view that I had of sexuality. I am now at peace with myself and willing to do whatever is necessary to be the best giver of love that is possible.

Brian 7.2.2016 (after two of Tantra Movement retreats)