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Tantra Movement introduces you to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It’s a way to engage in deep experiences, abandoning concepts, exchanging energy, gaining awareness, and entering a truly intimate relationship with yourself and others.

It takes you to the deepest and highest levels of love and ecstasy through exploring all dimensions possible to you. From the place where you are, we support you on your journey of growing into your full potential.

We facilitate our workshops and retreats worldwide: during summertime, you will find us all over Europe, in beautiful and natural centers and spiritual festivals in Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, and Germany. Every winter we give Tantra Retreats on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

We’d love to see you in one of our life-changing Retreats.

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Michal Kali Griks

Founder of Tantra Movement

Michal Kali Griks

Michal’s life completely changed fifteen years ago, when he was first introduced to Tantra. Since then he has been following his heart; completing several trainings in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, including at the well-known Rasayana Academy in the Netherlands.

For six years he has shared his knowledge of Tantra and Yoga and passing on his enthusiasm, love, passion, and experience in his retreats. Michal has been dedicating his life to spreading the teachings of Tantra.

Trisha Croft

Assisting Teacher

Trisha Croft is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Naturopath and lore keeper of traditional sharmanic healing traditions, indigenous to Australia. She is founder of Light of Lemuria and Tour Director for Light of Lemuria Gypsy Tours, which has become an unveiling to loving yourself and your spiritual path.

Trisha was raised by her family, her Aboriginal elders, connecting her to her roots and Mother Earth at a very young age. Her gifts have been passed down from a line of Aboriginal healers, sorcerers, trackers & medicine women. She has condensed practical principles and ancient spiritual wisdom from her experiences

and teachings to empower us to rip through the illusions and deceptions of our lives, so that we can start to live a more fulfilling existence fearlessly from the heart. Trisha’s spiritual journey of enlightenment after her blood line heritage teachings, guided her on a spiritual pilgrimage of travel, a free gypsy spirit to find the nature of love and self-empowerment. It is here where she dedicated her life to Paganism and went in search to follow the philosophies of the divine feminine and the Goddess work.

Finding amazing teachers along the way, she was lead back home eventually to the Motherland of Egypt, Egypt is where she found her heart and it was here that her life changed forever. Trisha is a High Priestess who dedicates her life to the Goddess, she takes spiritual Goddess Gypsy tours to EgyptPeruHawaii  and her Priestess Path Retreats to Bali, Greece and Italy to connect you back to the source of the Mother.

Sharing her wisdom and knowledge, her compassionate, fun-loving attitude has inspired many in their journey for healing, renewal and strong virtue. Her Medium clairvoyant abilities helps her to tap into the wisdom of the Ancients to deliver a deeply spiritual and powerful tour.

Trisha is a defender of “practicing what she preaches”, she cherishes spiritual travel and has spent the last 10 years dedicated to Light of Lemuria’s Gypsy Tours, travelling extensively as a solo and with her spiritual groups.

Light of Lemuria’s shop is based on the Gold Coast Australia where she practices her alchemy and performs her workshops and treatments. She is a certified Naturopath, Beauty therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic therapist, Massage therapist and Advance Medical clinician. More information you may find on her website:

“Michal is a wonderful teacher of Tantra who is spreading one of the most beautiful ways of love by teaching & living this ancient path of unconditional love.”

SalinDe Armouring Workshop 2014

“The Tantra workshop gave me more consciousness for my own body. I realised, that there are a lot of things not balanced between my inner genders. You gave me the tools to change!”

EricRainbow Workshop 2015

“I want to thank you for your teachings, for being on our way . They’ve opened new gates, new paths, a totally new connection with my husband.”

Michaela EneaTantra Level I & II 2015

“I released old negative energy that had held me captive for a lifetime. The tantra workshops gave me freedom – I am now able to embrace sexuality without fear.”

BrianLevel I & II 2017

“Maybe the most amazing thing is the new relationship with my body. It’s really amazing how I can experience my body now… for example my next bleeding has come without pain.”

LenaTantra Level I Rainbow 2014

“I have now done two retreats with Michal – both touched me deeply. I have met myself in contact with others, seen where i’m wounded and blocked – and where I’m open and ecstatic!”

RaneshLevel I & III 2018

“It isn’t just about the idea of aligning oneself with the universe. It is about self-awareness, physical and emotional intimacy, and establishing a connection with the world around you instead of merely attempting to navigate around it.”

LesleyLevel III 2018

Calendar – Upcoming Workshops & Retreats


Aug 24 – Aug 26
Neo-Tantra Massage.
Yoni and Lingam Massage

Aug 29
Aqua Tantra Full Day Course


Sep 2 – 4
Aspects of Love. Module 3

Sep 7 – Sep 9
De-Armouring and Full Body Orgasm Without Touching Massage

Sep 12
Boundaries Full Day workshop

Sep 15 – 17
Tantra Movement Massage.
Yoni and Lingam Massage

Sep 20 – 22
Essence for Couples Retreat

Sep 25
Aqua Tantra Full Day Course

Sep 28 – Sep 30
Introduction to Tantra Massage 3 Days Course


Oct 3 – 5
Neo-Tantra Massage.
Yoni and Lingam Massage

Oct 8
Grounding Full Day

Oct 11 – 13
Aspects of Love. Module 4 – Final Celebration

Oct 16 – Oct 18
De-Armouring and Full Body Orgasm Without Touching Massage

21 Oct
Aqua Tantra Full Day Course    

Oct 24 -26
Tantra Movement Massage.
Yoni and Lingam Massage

Oct 29 – Nov 2
5 Elements 5 Days Course


Nov 5
Boundaries Full Day workshop

Nov 8 – 10
Introduction to Tantra Massage 3 Days Course

Nov 13 – 15
Neo Tantra Massage. Yoni and Lingam Massage

18 Nov
Aqua Tantra Full Day Course  

Nov 21 – 23 
Aspects of Love. Module 1 – Intro  

Nov 26 – 28
De-Armouring and Full Body Orgasm Without Touching Massage


Dec 2
Shadow Work Full Day Course

Dec 5 – 7
Tantra Movement Massage.
Yoni and Lingam Massage

Dec 10 – 12
Love Yourself 2nd from 2 Modules

15 Dec
Aqua Tantra Full Day Course 

Dec 18 – 20
Neo-Tantra Massage.
Yoni and Lingam Massage

Dec 23
Heart Opening, Breast Orgasm Ritual  

30 Dec – 1 Jan
One Tribe Festival:


4 Jan – 4 Feb
Tantra Teacher Course

10 May – 10 Jun
Tantra Teacher Course

19 Oct – 19 Nov
Tantra Teacher Course

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual path, the art of love and sexuality, a spiritual science and a lifestyle. It is a path of individual and general transformation. Its roots go back to shamanic traditions in India. Tantra has influenced the yoga traditions to the effect that the body is no longer seen as an obstacle but as an aid to spiritual realization.

The body and the sensual experiences are brought in to come into meditative states, to be fully here and now and also to come into high ecstatic states of oneness and unconditional love for oneself and others. This includes radically accepting oneself and others as they are. Tantra is a way of expansion that encompasses all areas of life. Unlike other traditions, Tantra accepts sexual energy and uses it as a path to higher consciousness.

“Tantra is alchemy; it can transform your centers, it can transform the other’s centers, it can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. That is the beauty of Tantra. It is like bringing electricity into your house. Then you can turn it on and off whenever you want. And you can have a thousand and one uses of it; it can cool your room, it can heat your room. Then it is a miracle.” – Osho

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