For four days course with accommodation and food included you pay only about 100 E. If you look for travel opportunities earlier enough on or on wizzair you may find the options for about 60 -100 E for one way. Then whole costs of nice deep tantric retreat in beautiful wild nature, in full comfort may costs only about 220 E. There are discounts when you book course as couple or in advance.
At the courses we take care that you would get as much as possible support from teacher, assistants, nature and food. That´s why do our best to choose the nature to do our teachings. That´s why we take care that there is the purest energy on our courses. Most as possible vegan, organic and local, healthy food would detoxify you and support your process of grow. What´s supporting nature is supporting us.

For most updated schedule you may check the link:
Romania Transylvania, Retreat in Nature for longer events or in Cluj Napoca
for shorter ones

Every wednesday 18.00- 21.30 Tipografiei nr. 21 ap. 2 Cluj Napoca weekly meetings of Tantra Movement Romania group. I´m, Michal Marek Griks there always in wensdays around the events when I´m in Romania, so recently pretty often 🙂

28.5.2015 – 31.05.2015 Tantra Massage course first module
Details you may find here ( use translator )
For free introduction:
For three days Retreat
More details would follow soon

All courses in Romania are in English translated in to Romanian.
Some more fresh updates you may find at fb Tantra Movement Romania group:

Use google translator if needed

Our future Cultural, Spiritual, Eco, Tantric centre SitCitAnanda in the heart of nature of Transylvania

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