Most fresh, short time update you may see here: Last long term update here: 01.07.2017 We will update this schedule with all changes what will appear in life, so keep this link and check it regularly for most fast and efficient update is link above but is also good to subscribe to our […]

Check here for a possible fresh, quick time update: Last long term update here was made 22.04.2019 We will update this schedule with all changes that will appear in life, so keep this link and check it regularly school/ The link above is the quickest, most efficient update but it is also good to […]

After 10 top tantric movies and books time for 10 best tantric advice (again). Use don´t lose … and share it as birthday or whatever gift. When person will use those advice it may be best gift ever received 😉 After posting it already to only few places we got a lot of likes. Our […]

Hello Lovely People! Here I share with you, out of love, my biggest internet share ever. My book “All Aspect of Life – All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Guide.” This share is priceless. I didn’t hear that someone did share his/her teaching so freely.I wish it would serve well the students, teachers and whole […]

Usually at our retreats we share the morning practices. Those are good for grounding, connecting people and also in the same time they are uplifting energy of the group.   Tantra Kriya Yoga It is a practice of Indu origin and was one of the first practices originally born out of the Kaula Tantra school over four thousand years ago. […]

Hello Lovely Team <3Especially now, when we are creating online teachings, and many of you would like to do something more meaningful with time…For better efficiency in sharing Love through our teachings, to motivate you, volunteers to help us better, we have for you special offer: You may get: <3Making together world a better place Membership to the […]

Hello Lovely Humans! Here, I share the playlist with 20 Tantra Practice Videos We are living in the times that Tantra should bring the solutions for the issues what we are facing as individuals, relationships and as whole humanity. Last year, I shared manifest that with my website, videos, community, my teachings, I would like […]

After freeing myself from addiction to ejaculation, my new transformed Sacred Sexuality is one of my strongest potentials and talents. However, as lovemaking or self Love rituals, I see it as the most strong, powerful, lovely and spiritual practice. I experienced many of the methods and teachings what are available at such a cold spiritual […]

Yes. It's my birthday. Entering another 7th year of period in life. I'm shifting into some changes already 🙂 Celebrate this important time with me, my Friend <3 From 15.00 till around 16.00, I would share the Tantra Kriya Yoga session, one of the most powerful, connecting and energizing practice. Then we enjoy some abundance […]

Where do I find detailed information about the courses and modules? Here at the fb events, you may see all details about courses: How about Accommodation? We recommend you to ask Rachel. You may write to her the time, your budget and that you like something close to us  Tantra Movement Coco Villa […]

Using and playing with opposite polarities is not only keeping the receiver fully awaken but it creates very deep energies and profound experience. Take for each part at least 5 minutes.Massage by Michal Kali Griks.

Hello Lovely People! Pappy New Year! New energy! New beginnings! <3 The main intention of this text is to attract exact people in Tantra Movement as volunteers and/or as housemates for our community home. However, I wish it is also valuable for everyone to read it. 💜 When you could not attend the meeting […]

Hello Lovely People! 💜 Like almost every 5 days, we begin a new module of Massage Course or "All Aspects of Love – All Aspects of Tantra" course. Whenever you're ready you're welcome to join <3 The coming course would contain 3 parts in 3 days: Day 1: Short but powerful Tantric Massages Day 2: […]

View this email in your browser Hello Lovely People! I'm so exited, so happy and looking forward. In a few hours, I would be back home at our tantric island, Koh Phangan in Thailand.  4th year, this time for good, like never before. From the beginning with the strong intentions and actions into creating the […]

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