Connection as Solution for all problems!    Most of the issues what, we are facing on individual and global level could be solved in very efficient ways by improving our connection. Connection within us, what according to tantra, would follow in stronger and stronger reflection in outside world. This that people went so far with […]

Hello Lovely People! My recent close to death experience made me appreciating life even more and do best out of it. For myself, others and whole humanity. This gives me wind into the sails for the intention of doing my best to rent the Dream House, a beautiful place for the retreats at Tantric Island […]

PROGRAM FOR 5 MONTHS IN EUROPE Doe to our improvements of the schedule at this moment go for the facebook events for detailed description. White “More information” button just under this post will take you there.Thanks for understanding   ROMANIAAll aspects of Tantra, All Aspects of Lovelevel 1, module 2Jun 7 at 2 PM – Jun […]

This is "Relationship book with Goddess and God within me and outside of me." Part 4 (?) I chaotic rhythm of life another part of my book got born. I wish it will help us all <3 ( the live video what I made as a support for this text )   Recently, I work on […]

Hello Lovely People! One of my Friends, Rainbow Sister, and great sex and tantra coach, Lucya Kostiw, has arrived here on the island. I will have the honour to co-facilitate a beautiful two day course with her. I wish you will join us <3   Details Tantra is so much more than just Sex! And Sex […]

Very often our students are asking us what books we recommend. Of course, my book, where I describe the exercises, give my insights m share the stories, would support you and would remain you to stay on the way… So this one I recommend first “All Aspect of Life. All Aspects of Tantra. Tantra Guide […]

Hello Lovely People! Happy New Moon! Could be a better intention for New Moon that finding a new partner? When you decide today, now in the New Moon, we still give you early bird price 🙂 💜 How to find Dream Tantra Partner? Come for this workshop 🙂 Maybe someone also would come with […]

Loving ourselves is the foundation of real love. Only when we love ourselves, we can truly love others.When we feel good about our self, we will have the self-esteem needed to act in love towards another being.To truly love ourselves may increase the chance of amplifying the love shared with our partners, family, animals, nature, […]

The main reason why the doctors say that the man needs to ejaculate is that during spasms the prostate is massaged and this prevents the cancer. The doctors don't know that the tantric man train his pc muscle and by using it massage prostate in the same way. No need for ejaculation for this reasonAlso another […]

Once again, I have the honour to share on Koh Phangan my most powerful creation in tantric massage. This massage is a fusion of years of my own practice and study at The Rasayana Tantra Academy and is a carefully blended mixture of techniques that I found are extremely powerful when used together. This development […]

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