Hello Lovely People!We just finished nicely Neo Tantric Massage Course today. There are 2 "live" videos from the parts of it on our Tantra Movement fb page. There would be one more opportunity to learn the same wisdom very soon.This 3 day course includes healing yoni massage and liberating lingam massage. This is one of […]

You may experience, full body orgasm, deep healing and bliss. First time for me it felt, so amazing, like the light, what was described by people with afterlife experience. I didn't want to come back. One of the most beautiful things I ever felt. It made me and my life so much more pure and powerful. […]

The strange spiritual journey of a young porno addict who shifts his perspective and is set on a different path. Jon is a working-class bartender who lives in New Jersey. He is quite pleased with his life which consists of daily doses of pornography from the Internet, chronic masturbation, and trips to the gym, then […]

Hello Lovely People! Last month, before going to Europe, Tantra Movement want to share what is most essential in the shorter, more accessible courses. First one is 3 days, Neo Tantric Massage Course what would also include healing yoni massage and liberating lingam massage. This is one of the most precious gifts what we could […]

Hello Lovely People! Intention of this first Tantra Circle is connection with  ourselves, with others with nature and whole universe. Coming together, in awareness, in the nature, by the fire, meeting other powerful mirrors would help us to achieve this intention. 💜 Connection, togetherness, oneness, unconditional love are directions what the world is awakening to. […]

Breast is so connected to the heart chakra, which means to love and connection to yourself, others, nature and whole universe. Love and connection are one of the most important aspects of tantra and life. 💜 Heart chakra is the most activated centre in a woman. When she would open her heart she is more […]

Another from the most beautiful gifts that I may give to humanity. At this lecture, I will share my wisdom about the tantric lovemaking and I will explain the differences, benefits foremost how to achieve it in good and not too difficult ways (It's not about positions – sorry 🙂 ) I will cover such […]

💜    Hello Lovely People!💜    Today we would like to close the booking for our coming retreat, so when you feel called to join us on that journey of learning different Tantric healing, connecting massages, do not hesitate. 💜    Also when you have any questions about, we would be happy to answer 💜 Looking […]

Hello Lovely People!The next opportunity to learn from me Neo Tantric Massage what include Yoni massage, it would be on the 2nd part of Journey of Love and Intimacy Massage course. We would learn also other tantric massages. When you would like to join this part without participating in first, it would be good that […]

Hello Lovely People!Following my universal call and energy of Equinox and Full Moon, I would love to share the idea about Tantric Wikipedia where we could share all tantric practices. 💜   When someone can  create something like this technically, I'm willing to share the practices from my book "Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspects of Life […]

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