This is our complementary course material that is also available separately for
those of you that like to learn at home. Good for our students and as well for
people who have not yet participated in our workshops.
Monthly membership costs 15 Euro and includes almost everything from below
just in smaller, regular doses.
One year membership costs only 150 Euro and includes:
*Access to our all members videos. For now there is more than 4 hours of video
and much more is coming. Practise and theory, ready to apply. ( see the actual
list below)
*Our newest updated version of the book
“Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspect of Life – All Aspect of Tantra”
160 pages, descriptions of our 2 courses, exercises, many videos, advice and
reflections will give you good support on your tantra path whatever you
participate our workshops or not yet.
*all other publications.
*Your personal 1 hour Skype session
*Possibility of joining a secret Tantra Movement Members FB group
As soon as you make your transfer to Michal Grygoruk NL92TRIO0390212989
you get access to all those things. Use it, don’t lose it!
List Of Tantra Movement Memebers Videos:

How to make Full Body Orgasm without Touching Massage

How to make Full Body Orgasm Without Touching

G spot


Shiva Shakti Position


Synchronized and Alternate Breath


Shiva Shakti Breath Elements


5 Minutes Tantra


Wild Soul Massage

Typical Sex vs Tantric Love


3 Temples Massage


Neo tantra Massage. Part 1


Essence for Couples.Part 1 with Romanian translation


Essence for Couples 2 with Romanian translation

Tantryczny Masaz Kobiety. Michal Kali Griks

Neo Tantryczny Masaz Kobiety

Halo Lovely People!
Here I share out of love with my biggest internet share ever. My book “All Aspect of Life – All Aspect of Tantra. Tantra Teachers Guide.” This share is priceless. I didn´t heart that someone did share his/her teaching so freely. I wish it would serve well the students, teachers and whole humanity. We live in the times when we need quick efficient solutions to get out of so many crisises what we are in. Here is my best I can imagine contribution and solution what I could do.
Suggesting exchange of energy in the form of supporting us financially with amount 150 Euro is very symbolic. When you feel to contribute more , we would be very happy about it.  Let the Love circulate
It explain many exercises, their motives, challenges what students and teachers may go through and the ways how to deal with it. It’s a great support for beginning students as for advanced teachers.

From Love for Love Contribution
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Now you may order the book by us. Last updated version More than 160 pages, many links to videos is waiting for you