Lovely people
Lets celebrate Easter in Tantric way.
Feel very welcome at any event you find below,
let´s worship together the eternal dance of Life!

Eastern, from old ancient wisdom the period of Transition.

This time of the year coincides with the beginning of the astrological year,
when the secret rhythm of the universe calls us to the renewal of life..

The Egg that comes from a life and gives rise to a new one, is the universal Symbol of period Renewal of Life,
the cycle of Rebirth.
The equinox symbolizing the perfect balance between light and shadow,
opens the Dance towards new movement, love, fertility.

Burning what remains from the winter  in many rituals has the spiritual meaning to let it go,
flowing with the Eternal Cycle which creates, destroys and reassembles continuously.

We will follow this sacred inner colored movement through the dance and the change..

Tantric Eastern, the passage from winter to spring,
allow us to
pass from silent introspective inner listening to the vibrant Meeting,
the place where
we can transcend ourselves becoming one in the Union

Michal Marek Griks

Amalia & Michal Marek Griks

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