Hello Lovely People!  
I, Michal Kali Griks, would like to invite you to the new course being offered at Tantra Movement School: Essence for Couples.

The following is an old description from when I offered the course with a partner that I am no longer with.  Our relationship may not have lasted forever but we were together almost 24/7 through travels, retreats, adventures, our own processes as well as supporting others people through their processes.

When I got to know Xxxx, like now, I just knew that this relationship would last for a long time. We love each other so deeply. In our daily life, we share our passions of tantra, yoga, good healthy food, making love and changing the world into a better place.
The last one, changing the world, starts with us but gets transmitted to you through our workshops, retreats, couching, writings, videos…
That´s also why we started to teach tantra. From healing, liberating, and transforming our sexuality (the start of everything, the root chakra, the source… ) into sacred sexuality ( the beginning of our growth, freedom, connections within and without, living a life with passions… )
We “use, don´t lose” this energy by bringing it to the heart.  We heal, liberate and transform from love that is rooted in need ( business like – I want something from you, that which I lack in my self and vice versa ) into more and more unconditional love (through the mindset of sharing abundance of love, which we created as a result of cultivating self-love)
This process allows us to activate and continue to go deeper on the journey of healing, liberating and transforming other, equally important aspects of our life…. our chakras.  Through self esteem, healthy ego, emotions, communication, creativity, intellect, healthy mind, spirituality etc.
We are teaching from experience through our relationship(s), our workshops, our life…
We often use very important concepts in Tantra like mirroring, mature masculinity, femininity, 5 love languages etc…

We see tantra and being in conscious relationship as a thunderbolt to happiness, unconditional Love, sacred sexuality.  ( … and remember ” there is no way to happiness – happiness is the way. – Enjoy the path 🙂 ) 

I share this wisdom with you through my 11 years of tantric experience, 6 years of intensive teaching, and an Associate Degree (with the qualification of Tantra Masseur and Tantra Trainer) from Rasayana Tantra Academy. 
Along with yoga, the power of free and conscious relationship and Xxxx’s love.  This love gives us the power of partnertriarchy (a self-made word that is not patriarchy or matriarchy, it represents equality and support rather than dominance).
We teach much more though experience than through theory.
When this speaks to you, we feel that this could be wonderful choice, what you may give to yourself, your relationship… entire universe.
Those are the subjects of the course:
1. Radical transparency
2. Love Communication.
3. Mature masculine, mature feminine
4. Other kinds of relationships. “+ and -“
5. Massage as tool for the relationship
6. Shamanic Family Constellation
7. Are we mirrors to each other ?
8. Jealousy
9. Non Violent Communication
10. Tantric Cacao Ceremony


After finishing the course you would be honored with certificate of Tantra Movement School ( level 2).
With our education and support to your process, we go deep. You may continue into:
All aspects of tantra – All aspects of life. Course for all ( 1st level )

Tantra Massage Course (3rd level)
“All Dimensions Tantra” 4th Level

“Sacred Love” 5th level

This course is designed for couples or people who are willing to work together. When you´re single you may still join. Just small advice: Increase your chance for matching with someone by applying sooner than later. Whole course would contain 14 workshops which each would have different subject and would take around 3,5 hours.

Depends from the organisers choice could be completed in 10-14 days, 3 modules 3 days each, 4 modules 2,5 days each…

Don’t hesitate to ask the questions mgriks@gmail.com


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