In August 2014 I participated in a Tantra Workshop organized and run by Michal on the European Rainbow Gathering in Romania which consisted of 10 workshops totally. The experience really changed my life on multiple levels. Ever since I feel like my sexuality has reached another level, where I don't need to worry anymore but I can enjoy every single moment without thinking about the next or the past second. I can love more unconditionally. I can love from my heart instead of from my mind, I can allow more emotion to happen by itself, I feel more and more free of pressure just to name a few of the improvements in my life since I participated in the workshops. Or in short: I feel healed. Thus I'd like to recommend Michal and his Tantra school to everyone out there. You'll feel yourself that he does this project because he loves to do it, not to earn money or respect. It's love activism as he calls it himself. And let me promise you one thing: Michal's workshop will also change your life – for good! Love – Henning from Germany

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