Here I'm back. After 2 months in full nature ( no electricity, no Internet etc…) on Rainbow Gatherings, after giving there about 50 workshops (most of them about 5 ha, some of them for more than 100 people ), after sharing great energy, liberation, healing, experience, life, love and passion in all different way, here I'm, with my full potential, with new ideas, new plans, new visions,new energy and love for you.

I hope wide range of options would give you opportunities to get the best out of School of Tantra Movement.

First shortly:

1. Course for all in saturdays

2. Course for couples or people who are willing to work together in Sundays

3. Tantric Massage course once a week. The full program would be updated but you may already get impressions here

4. Intensive weekends of extended program of 1 and 2 (see the link above in point 1)

5. Intensive Tantra massage weekends (see the link above in point 3)

6. Intensive 5 days of extended program of 1 and 2 (see the link above in point 1)

7. Intensive 10 days of extended program of 1 and 2 (see the link above in point 1)

8. Private sessions by individual approach

The price range depends from amount of the people participating in the workshops. By inviting your friends you may get nice discounts – let the Tantra Movement grow. Another way of exchange energy is also possible ( for example translating in to dutch, publishing, announcing the event, spreading leaflets etc. )

The range of the workshops is suitable:

–  for singles, couples and people who are willing to work together

–  for just beginners to more advanced people with tantra
–  for those who would like to grow slowly and those who like to go fast,
–  for those who live in Amsterdam and for those who are coming from abroad and for those in other countries as well – yes I like to travel wherever you invite me and organise me the event –  this is also great way of exchange energy (very appreciated by me)

Beside maybe the greatest transformation, liberation, healing of your past, presence and future, strongest love and experience of you life,  after finishing the course, you may also get the 1st level certificate, what allows you to go to the 2nd level and also to other higher schools of tantra like for example Rasayana Tantra Academy in Rotterdam. With the time (but you could already start from beginning) you may get the qualifications of assistant, masseur, masseuse or teacher in School Of Tantra Movement.
As sooner you get in touch to book your place as better. Do not hesitate to ask the questions. Soon more updates and details would come.

Love and Light

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