End of the year is coming closer, so time to think about giving away our School Of Tantra Movement certificates. They´re ready and beautiful 🙂
Also extra on our pages there would be list of all honoured. It will include: what for they´re accredited, with what function, what are the potential for future and any other notes. Also there would be place for you to introduce yourself, to support your activities – you may add the link and give a little bit of information with what you´re busy with. Also your impression about the course would very appreciated.
In that way we could have fixed place where we could see how the movement is growing 🙂
With some of you of course i would have to talk about the future, your process – like always I´m for you 🙂
New innovations in this certificate is that the´re signed also by assistants and participants.We are all important.  We are movement. Yes ? So to sign them we will have to find each other or maybe create some special occasions.
For now in the comments you may already fill up the information what would make my life probably much more easier 🙂

Love <3

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