Tantra Movement invites you to practise with us. We meet regularly together to experience, to discover and to develop potential of our possibilities. Whatever you want to enter the tantric path slowly and safely or you like fast and intense experience, We always support you in your decisions.

We always welcome the openness and willingness to change, because real progress is happening outside of the comfort zone.
We do not guarantee that you will become a better,happier being, but that you will discover new values, new quality, which may change your life

1 Level – for everyone

10 Fridays course [from 18.00 till 21.30]
Every Friday from 31.1.14 till 9.5.14
– 21.2.14
– 07.3.14
– 14.3.14
– 21.3.14
– 25.4.14
in il cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam
45 E for single workshop and only 300 for whole course

Whole days Ceremonies – for everyone
Every third Saturday of the month (except march so 15.2.14, 19.4.14 and 17.5.14)
[from 13.00 till 21.00]
in il cielo Oostzaanstraat 46 Amsterdam
90 Euro for day

Every first weekend of the month – Intensive weekend for everyone – 150 Euro

2 Level – only for couples or people who are ready to work together
8 Wednesday course [from 19.00 till 22.00]

Every second Wednesday from 5.2.14 – 14.5.14
In Mirror Centre at Ter Gouwstraat 3 Amsterdam
45 Euro for single workshop and only 270 for whole course

Individual private workshops, massage and skype sessions possible by appointment

Tantra for us that's knowledge of Love, what You learn mainly through experience. Its healing our sexuality and taking it out of shame, guilt, taboo etc. and transforming it into the sacred. Not only in You but in your partner, society and entire universe as well. Tantra is bringing your sex, You, your Love, everything to higher ecstasy and energy. Are You ready ?

If you are looking for spiritual growth and you want to consciously build your sexual potential , these classes are for you.

Do not hesitate to ask the questions and always let us know you're coming

To each event there would be more detailed information and invitation. To keep yourself update subscribe to our newsletter, joint the events on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/249934051842060
or/and check our new page: http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl

Love and Light

Michal Marek Griks [Tantrik, Kundalini yoga teacher] and

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