More testimonies for School Of Tantra Movement 🙂 – this one I love especially because I could not experience myself but I'm very happy to read it 🙂

Dear Marek,

I am still thinking a lot about the time and experiences on Rainbow and I would like to share a few things with you…On Rainbow I have received a lot of great keys! One of them was the Tantra-key. I think all keys together are responsible for a beautiful development of myself. Maybe the most amazing thing, that happened, is the new relationship with my body. It’s really amazing how I can experience my body now… For example my next bleeding after Rainbow has come without pain. For more than 10 years I had have always huge pain, but this time…nothing…it feels like so much tensions and pressures have left my body….It’s very true, what you are always saying about Tantra and liberation… I can feel, that I become more aware and sensitive with my body and I feel more liberated… Also you have shown me exercises that I can practice when I feel down, exercises that reminds me how to get again into the mood of liberation…
Thank you so much!

Love love love


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