Tantra Teachers Course

Hello Lovely People ❤
This is an invitation for you to join the Therapeutic Tantra Teacher Course from 21st August up till 20th September.
You receive:
1 month, 120 hours + Internship opportunities.
Book(160 pages) and 50 private, instructive, practical videos to support you.
We are guiding you mostly to teach you close to neo tantra tradition.
There are many methods and topics what we would use and cover during the course:
Boundaries and Will of Consent
Sacred Sexuality
Conscious Relationships
5 Elements
7 Chakras
Understanding Energies
Self Love
Water Tantra
Shamanic Tantra
Heart Sharings
Meditations (Osho, guided, silent)
Dance with Tantra
Tantra Kriya Yoga (shamanic tantra from the Kaula tradition)
Different Polarities
Mature Masculine and Mature Feminine
Wild Soul and Sacred Body
Re-life your life
Preparing for Awakening Kundalini Energy
Love Communication
Tantra Yoga
5 Love Languages
Awakening Senses Ceremony
Cacao Tantra Ceremony
Basic of Tantric Massage
Kashmiri Tandava Dance and Massage
Neo-Tantra Massage (with yoni and lingam massage optional)
Healing Aspects and Methods
Full Body Orgasm without Touching Massage
De-Armouring Massage
Heart Opening Breast Orgasm Massage(optional)
Shadow Work
How to run Business
Spiritual Marketing ( sharing tools )
How to set up space
How to set up a class
Tantric Games

For us, tantra it is bringing the highest purpose in life: Learning how to love better and doing it.
Making Love on all dimensions possible: Yourself, Your Partner, Family, Community, Humanity, Nature, Animals and the Whole Universe
Another important aspect is transforming typical sex (guilt, shame, past traumas, addictions) into Sacred Sexuality: the most intimate, closest, most beautiful and energizing expression of more and more Unconditional Love
Why Therapeutic?
Because to be a Tantra Teacher, we appreciate that you have not just wisdom, techniques, practice and knowledge. Foremost we appreciate that you are fully loving, grown-up, spiritually healthy being. That’s why for us most important is to guide you through your process of growth, healing, liberating, expanding in Love, growing in ecstasy.
Why Experiential?
Because through the experience, we learn more. Nobody could take from you your experience, so when it is good it is a nice gift.
We do not teach you how to become a healer, we guide you into becoming a healer. We do not share with you just the knowledge about how to become a teacher, We guide you to become one. You will get your space to practice in a safe way by teaching during the classes.
After the course in our Tantra Movement School, we would give you the opportunity to do an internship.
After Completing the Course and assignments you would be honoured by our certificate
We implement into your teachings both polarities male and female, structure and flow, action, beauty and peace in the ways that your classes would feel complete.
We teach you what we are sharing with the world over years of experience. We will teach you how to share our two main courses:
All Aspects Of Love, All Aspects of Life, All Aspects of Tantra
Tantra Massage Course
… and many other things what we share – check our website to explore this vast variety.
Before every subject you would be breathly introduced about the theory of it, then we would practice it and then at the end of each day, you would be introduced about the deep purpose of sharing it and what you have to be aware when you will teach it to the others
We wish to see you on the course.

Do not hesitate to ask the questions.
You may join the shorter ongoing courses to get the feeling and convince yourself.

Costs / Contribution:

Very Early Bird Price 4 Months before the course:
1600 USD
3000 USD

Early Bird. 2 Months before the course
1800 USD per person
3200 USD per couple

Normal Price:
2000 USD per person
3600 USD per couple

Do not hesitate to ask the questions.
You may join shorter ongoing courses to get the feeling and convince yourself.
Check more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/587002485517370/
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